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The production of MARFRAN.MED takes place inside a controlled contamination environment (clean room) respecting strict quality procedures. This allows avoiding any kind of pollution in the compound. Everything is controlled and continuously monitored: from the air to the water to the surfaces in contact with the granule.

Our clean room is periodically checked by ISO 14644 and the whole organization is certified ISO 9001 and 13485 (legislation for the production of medical devices).
MARFRAN.MED compounds are certified ISO 10993 (guidelines for the biocompatibility and safety and implantability of medical devices) and USP Class VI (quality standards of the American Pharmacopeia).

Our range of products MARFRAN.MED has high versatility to satisfy every production, from injection molding to extrusion, moreover all our compounds are available in different colors and in transparent crystal finish.


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