TPE based on SEBS, SBE and TPO | Marfran

We are an Italian company born in 1987 active with passion and quality in the market of thermoplastic elastomers TPE based on SEBS, SBE and TPO.
Competence, reliability, collaboration, flexibility and belonging: these are our identity’s coodinates.

Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri yesterday, Marfran today.

Ours is a story that begins in 1987 and arrives to date: a constant presence on the Italian and international markets, a path already projected towards the future in which new stimuli and impulses can enable to enrich an offer and a quality service.

Being Marfran means creating value, without ever losing sight of the synergy with its partners, with a view to constant innovation and an approach that focuses on the experience offered to all the interlocutors of our brand.

Our plant is based in Italy and provides innovative and customized solutions suitable for different applications and technologies such as injection molding, extrusion, filming and blowing.
All compounds are colourable and available in hardness modulated by 00 Shore to 65 Shore D.


We create value using a global approach that combines principles of reliability and partenrship with organisational and technological drive, expanding our offering to thermoplastics and becoming a recognised player in the compounds market.

We are an Italina business with a passion for thermoplastic elastomers. We provide reliable solutions adapted to market requirements through research, quality, responsibility and timely solutions.



TPE compound based on SBS-SEBS for industrial use, food contact and certified


TPO high IZOD compound based on SEBS for industrial (sports) uses


TPE based SEBS compound for overmolding on different polymers (PP, PE, PA, PC, POM, PBT, ABS)


TPE-based medical compounds based on SEBS certified ISO 10993 and USP Class VI


Foaming agent masterbatches for industrial use, food contact and certified.