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Our MARFRAN compounds find different applications in the construction industry, in particular for the extrusion of window profiles and fittings.

Our thermoplastic elastomers have a wide range of mechanical properties: good compression set even at high temperatures, high elasticity and high elongation at break.
The applications are extended to the hydraulic market on pipes and gaskets thanks to the suitability of our thermoplastic elastomers to be in contact with drinking water.

We also have compounds with special additives that improve flame resistance and aging damage.
All our materials are colored and transparent.

On demand, we can provide the MASTERFRAN, foaming agent masterbatch, a single solution to lighten, and improve the aesthetics of the product.


Industrial compounds


Rigid compound for industrial use


Compound for overmoulding


British certification for drinking water

NSF 61

American certification for drinking water

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