compounds passed rigorous tests on bacterial growth and proliferation in materials in contact with drinking water.
Our compounds comply with the requirements of the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) both for uses in hot water (above 60 ° C) and in cold water (23 ° C) and they meet all the criteria of the regulation DVGW W270. The prestigious approval is added to the already achieved industry standards: KTW HY-KTW14.05, DIN EN1622-DIN EN 1485.

MARFRAN is also the first Italian compound company to obtain the international NSF / ANSI 61 certification for MARFRAN E DRW compounds.

MARFRAN E DRW is a compound series compliant with contact with drinking water regulations.
Our compounds are available in all hardnesses and can be colored according to the customer’s requirements. They find applications for housewares, gaskets, taps, industrial pipes and in the food sector.

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